Artists & Activities


Manner is from Missouri & his family is Syrian mixed. Manner has travelled all over the lower 48 experience the great culture shock that has inspired him to shock people with his rap. 


Manner moved to Alaska seven and a half years ago. He is currently a teacher at Riverbend Elementary School in Juneau. 


The students he teaches are like the blood that pumps through his veins just like the boom bap style of beats he uses create the ergo rhythmic word play to his lyrics. 

Listen to Can't  Breathe on iTunes & watch the video above.


(See ODYC Press Kit)

ODYC has an upcoming album release event at the Hangar Ballroom on June 04, 2017. 

ODYC - Blood Washed Album

Michael T Scott

Michael T Scott is an artist who has recorded in S2NS. He is a Hip-Hop artist but is more passionate in his love for Christ. Michael has impactful lyrics and his messages in his songs bring meaning and emotion that can relate to anyone in any situation.


Listen to True Phenom on iTunes

Veinglo performing reverence at the

Flight Deck on 04 August, 2016.

Iggy Marshalls

Iggy Marshalls is an Underground Hip-Hop artist currently residing in Stockton, CA. His cut through the rhythm lyrics always brings intensity and flare when performing.

Team Crimson

The Team "King Crimson" at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco working ADR, Sound Design, & Foley work in one of the Foley Labs.